How Doing Yoga Can Help With Hair Growth

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Hair loss is a common problem that both men and women experience as they age due to several factors such as stress, family history, lifestyle, poor diet, medical conditions, and certain hair products. Studies also have shown that the following factors affect hair growth, such as scalp tension, stress, poor oxygen intake, and poor blood flow.

Generally, we use hair growth products like ginger shampoo, conditioner or supplements to solve this problem. But apart from these solutions, one of the natural and effective ways you can do to stop hair loss and make your hair grow is a daily exercise.

How doing Yoga can help with hair growth?

When it comes to health, there are a lot of different ways that we can get healthy and health is a major factor to a lot of people, not just physically but spiritually as well. It’s a way we can create awareness within our bodies and mind. A more ancient form of physical awareness from working out not only physically but mentally is known as Yoga.

Yoga is one of the proven ways to keep a healthy life. Yoga can do unimaginable things to help you connect with your inner self on a spiritual level. There are other areas that can be improved by practicing yoga.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It’s more than just the basic sets of stretches and poses that we may see everywhere today. It’s a process of major transformation within a person, through physical and spiritual practice, aimed at transcending the ego, and achieving universal peace from within.

While you get to experience reconnecting with your inner self, Yoga exercise is also a great way to improve your hair health. You will be surprised that even the health of hair and skin can be improved with yoga. The skin may be kept glowing, the hair will be long and strong, and these will even boost anybody’s confidence. With yoga and a healthy lifestyle, one can prevent hair loss and achieve healthy hair growth. Also, check out this blog post for in-depth info about how pilates can benefit you with hair growth.

There are different types of Yoga that help in hair growth. A lot of these encourage the flow of blood to the scalp area. Yoga can also help in de-stressing to keep the hormonal levels normal and balanced. Here are some of the Yoga exercises for better hair;

Uttanasana – the movements involve forward bend pose, which encourages blood to flow abundantly into the scalp. As a result, stress and anxieties are reduced as these two are the main culprits of hair loss. Increase in blood flow helps in hair growth as well as to keep the skin and hair healthy.

Sasanasana – also known as the rabbit pose which improves blood circulation to the scalp. This will help promote hair growth.

Ustrasana – a camel pose which also promotes blood flow to the scalp. It also helps the thyroid gland to prevent hair loss.

Vajrasana – a diamond pose that helps to tune the digestive system. This pose will also help promote hair growth. A simple yet totally effective pose that promotes healthy hair growth.

Uttanpadasana – the pose involves raising the feet and improving blood flow to the pelvic area. The target is the reproductive organs which have an indirect effect on hair growth. However, this type of yoga can help normalize the body’s hormones to ensure stable hair growth.

Pranayama – this involves mainly breathing exercises that help encourage a steady hair growth rate. This type of yoga helps reduce stress to the mind and body to improve the condition of hair and skin.

Studies have shown that the tension is at highest at the top of the scalp, while the downward tension is minimal at the sides and back. With the help of Yoga, tension can be reduced from the neck, shoulders, and lower back. This is a good way to start reducing the tension that connects to the scalp. It is also a fact that when tension builds upon the neck and shoulders, it would be harder to regrow hair in the scalp region.

Here are more other benefits of practicing Yoga to prevent hair loss naturally and achieve healthy hair;

  • Reduces tension and pain when combined with scalp massage.

  • Relieves stress by creating a sense of balance for mental and physical health.

  • Controls breathing patterns to improve oxygen delivery, which contributes to the hair follicles.

  • Increases blood flow to the scalp, which strengthen the hair strands.

Yoga is a holistic exercise that can be done by anyone. However, if you have previous injuries, it would be best to consult your medical specialist or physical therapist prior to starting the practice to avoid causing harm. Along with Yoga, it is still essential to keep balanced diet by eating leafy vegetables, dairy products and fresh fruits in your daily routine to get the needed nourishment for your hair.