1 Harmless Habit that Zaps Your Brain Power

July 19, 2019 | By richard | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Go out, and ask someone how they spend their time when they’re not working. Most of them will say that they go home all tired from work, turn on Netflix and sit on the couch while scrolling through Instagram. That’s their way of relaxing after work.

This creates sort of a time vortex. Because you see, when you watch movies while still distracting yourself with something else like Instagram, you don’t pay attention to the time. And the next thing you know, it’s 2 am and you gotta hit the bed to wake up at 6am. And too bad, you didn’t get to have a healthy dinner. So you just eat that 1 slice of pizza, and hit the bed.

This is what zaps the energy out of your brain. You are not truly relaxing. You are trying to distract your brain after a long day of work. What you should be doing instead, is meditating, reading, or doing something you truly enjoy. Or if you don’t have any hobbies, you should hit the gym, eat something healthy and go to bed early to make sure you get a full 8-hour sleep consistently.